Where can I learn more about opportunities to volunteer?
Please see the Volunteers page for more information on volunteering with Battle Buddies of Central Oregon. And thank you for your support! Back to top

What services do you offer?
Battle Buddies of Central Oregon offers

  • Dog training at no cost to veterans
  • Emotional Support Animals for veterans with service-connected injuries
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Can my dog be a Service Dog?
A Veteran's personal pet may be considered and evaluated for suitability for service work. Back to top

How long is the training program?
The duration of the program is about 2 years, depending on the diligence of the team. Individual results will vary. Back to top

How do I apply for and receive services?
Please visit our Services page for information on applying for and receiving services. Back to top

How do I know if my dog would make a good Battle Buddy?
A good Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal candidate will be calm, secure, accepting and willing to work. While training can overcome a lot, dogs that are aggressive, fearful, overly shy, or reactive should not be considered for Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal training. However, keep in mind that almost any dog that is not suitable as a Service Dog can still be an excellent Emotional Support Animal. Emotional Support Animals don't have the same public access rights as Service Dogs are given, but in the home they can be invaluable. Please also see the following articles.

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Are donations tax deductible?
Yes! As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible. Back to top