• Possible New Rules for Flying with a Service Dog
  • Flying With Your Dog
  • BBCO Wants You!
  • Improper Service Dog Behavior
  • What is a Service Dog?
Emotional Support and Service Dogs

What is a Service Dog?

ESA, SD, PSD – what does it all mean? Learn the difference between an Emotional Support Animal and a Service Dog – and what the differences mean for the rights of those who own such dogs.

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Possible New Rules for Flying with a Service Dog

Senate Bill 1318 was introduced back in June of this year, and it would simplify the check-in process for handlers with Psychiatric Service Dogs. It specifies the elimination of the requirement for a traveler with a PSD to show a doctor’s note or prescription for the presence of the dog. This puts PSDs on the same footing as other Service Dogs. However, travelers with Emotional Support Dogs would still be…

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BBCO Wants You!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran’s Day! We are still in need of volunteers, we have been a small group for awhile and need more help to grow.  Read through some of our volunteer opportunities and needs of the organization to see where you can help. Fosters We need foster homes to house our specially selected canines.  As a foster you will socialize these buddies on outings and take them…

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