Emotional Support and Service Dogs


Emotional Support Dog "Shaak-ti"

Team Shaak-ti

Shaak-Ti belongs to an Army veteran, she is a purebred Rottweiler, her name comes from a Star Wars character. They are from Louisiana where she had been shot and shortly after moving to Central Oregon went missing for 11 days after a gun shot out at Camp Sherman. She says she doesn’t like fetch but loves to be cuddled. We are working on her confidence and tasks.
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Emotional Support Dog "Gunner"

Team Gunner
Lab Mix

Gunner is a lab mix from a local shelter and belongs to a Navy veteran. One of Gunner’s tasks is to assist his veteran when he falls, we are currently polishing his skills. He enjoys going for walks and exploring, but swimming not so much.
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Emotional Support Dog "Kloye"

Team Kloye
German Shepherd Mix

Kloye is a female, mixed breed rescue from a local shelter, she belongs to an Army veteran. She enjoys playing with the sprinkler on her off time and is ready to start testing for her certifications.
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Emotional Support Dog "Nala"

Team Nala
German Shepherd Mix

Nala is a female, half King half East German Shepherd, donated to a Marine veteran. Her grandfather is a well known working dog in the Czech Army. She is a super sweet girl and just started her training.
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Other Dogs We’ve Worked With

We’ve worked with a wide variety of dogs – “Battle Buddies”, we call them – in support of our mission. Please see the Services page to learn about our services and how to get your dog involved.