Mindy’s Wish

A very unfortunate situation has occurred, a service dog company placed a canine with a local veteran that was not of age or fully trained to meet the veteran’s need. In fact, the dog exacerbated Mindy’s medical conditions and had to be returned. It was a sad event for both of them as they had grown close to one another regardless of his training.

Battle Buddies of Central Oregon provides emotional support animals and a curriculum for owner trained PTSD dogs, however we do not offer Medical Alert Dogs. Mindy is in need of a Type 1 Diabetic Alert Dog and so we have offered to raise the funds to get her a new dog through a reputable service dog organization in Oregon.

It will be an initial $5,000 to acquire the new Diabetic Alert Dog and get the training process underway. A DAD will help her avoid debilitating seizures and assist her when her CRPS flares, another painful condition. Please help us truly thank her for her service by making our goal of $15,000 to make Mindy’s Wish come true.

If you are donating to her fundraiser via our “Donate” button please note “Mindy’s Wish” with your donation, they do take a small portion of the proceeds but you can also donate at facebook who do not take fees out at https://www.facebook.com/donate/1813228662157088/?fundraiser_source=external_url

Thank you again for all your support!