Donations of Dogs

So, you know of a dog needing rehoming and you would like to donate him or her to Battle Buddies? First of all, thank you so much for your generous thoughts! But before we can accept a dog, we need to know if it would be a good fit for our program. Even emotional support dogs (companion dogs) should have good dispositions. And for a service dog candidate, good socialization and a good personality are essential.

It is imperative that a dog be:

  • comfortable around children of all ages
  • accepting of strangers, yet not overly attention-seeking
  • accepting of their body being handled
  • medium energy
  • comfortable around other dogs (non-reactive)
  • easy to train (not stubborn or defiant)
  • unafraid of loud noises and strange sights
  • in good health and without structural problems
  • a puppy or young adult
  • relatively quiet

In short, a dog should not exhibit any timidity, fear, high activity level, reactivity, aggression, or health problems. If there is any behavioral or major physical problem that needs to be “fixed,” then we would not be able to accept the dog.

Young puppies (around 8 weeks) are a better bet. They can be socialized to the world in order to prevent behavior problems from developing. However, since personality is “nature” as well as “nurture,” puppies need to be free of the above mentioned negative traits.

An excellent article about ideal candidates can be found on the Anything Pawsable website: