BBCO Wants You!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Veteran’s Day!

We are still in need of volunteers, we have been a small group for awhile and need more help to grow.  Read through some of our volunteer opportunities and needs of the organization to see where you can help.


We need foster homes to house our specially selected canines.  As a foster you will socialize these buddies on outings and take them to training once a week until placement.   This will help us be ready to serve a veteran in need.


Fundraising is essential as this is a huge project.  Funds raised go to adoption fees, food, medical care, and training costs.  We are looking for people with a passion for event planning or experience with grant writing.


Occasionally we have booths at various events such as the Deschutes County Fair, local car shows, festivals. This is how we reach out to the community and let them know we are here to provide a service for our veterans.  During the event we recruit volunteers, spread awareness, and retail products.