BBCO Revamped

Mission Refocused

Our mission is to prevent veteran suicide through canine companionship and training. We also provide Emotional Support Animals at no cost to our vets. As a result of our efforts we have created camaraderie, purpose after service, and therapy through training. However, our mission has always been to prevent veteran suicide any way we can. It could be as simple as listening, getting coffee, or taking the dog for a walk.  Our vision is still to see the lives of veterans restored through various therapies and healing arts.  Our goal is to improve the relationships between veterans and their canine buddies.

Training Restructured

Currently, owner trained service dogs are permitted under the law (American Disabilities Act).  To be clear, we do not provide service dogs, nor do we guarantee or “certify” service dogs. We offer various types of training, from rehab and obedience to tasks.  We also prepare canines for several American Kennel Club tests as well as public access testing.  We now offer board and train services in addition to private sessions to concentrate on specific behaviors or commands.  We have also implemented a weekly meet up for veterans and their families to address training questions and behavior issues. We are a few weeks into a regular meet up and everyone is enjoying it!

Website Relaunched

The website has been redesigned to provide more information and new capabilities like donating to specific teams.  We added a store to purchase our cool t-shirts and other swag as it comes available.  I will try my hand at blogging to keep those interested in the progress of the organization updated as much as possible.  Many thanks to John Alarcon who is donating his time, skills and talent to this very important as well as super huge project –  we are very excited about this new and improved web presence!