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At The End Of His Leash

Recently, I received a message from a service dog team (not trained by BBCO).  The veteran had been dealing with some aggression issues between his service dog and a smaller family dog, both males.  It seemed to occur without cause, but didn’t happen all the time and was definitely causing stress in the home. His wife was going to be caring for small children in the home over the summer, so this behavior absolutely could not continue. After taking his dog to another trainer and not getting the results he was hoping for, the discussion turned to re-homing his service dog or worse.  With a background like this, what would be the chance of a successful re-homing?   The veteran had made improvements personally with the use of his SD, so imagine his devastation at having to make this kind of decision.   He became depressed over the situation and was at the end of his leash when he contacted me for help.  Having gone through this myself, I assured him that it could be corrected and not to get rid of his buddy just yet.  When fights break out in a multi-dog household it can be a very frightening experience and our first instinct is to eliminate the source.  But if we don’t face our issues, we only hand them off to someone else.  It came to be that the offending dog was a fearful, insecure and entitled guy who lacked structure.  I am proud to say that after deploying our trainer, the veteran was able to make improvements in his dog’s behavior after only the first session!  By instituting some rules and corrections, harmony has been restored to the household, a veteran has gained more confidence in his dog handling abilities, and a service dog will continue to do his job.