2017 BBQ and Car Show

Alright, alright, alright!  We just wrapped up the 2017 BBQ and Car Show, it was our third BBQ and our second car show.  We registered 42 cars!  I am very proud of my BBCO family right now.  They came together to make the event a successful one even though we had some moments where we had to adapt and overcome. These people have the biggest hearts and put up with me, some for a few years now.

I had a great conversation with an influential member of the veteran community, who chairs several boards of other great organizations. He had a lot of great ideas and seemed really excited about what we were doing for the veterans in our area.  We will definitely be following up on any opportunities that will help us do more good.  I think it will result in great strides for BBCO.

As for the car show itself, we had beautiful cars, great music, good prizes, and an aerial artist! We also had clothing and jewelry for the ladies to browse and a bouncy house for the kids.  As I look back on the event, it was actually very nice, even though I had no idea how everything was going at the time.  I was in constant motion, partly out of nerves and also to make sure each component of the event was operating as it should.  I thanked those that came out as much as I could as I am a slight introvert, but I met more good folks that will ensure the next car show is even more awesome!

Thank you to Pedro Quintana from KTVZ – 21 who came out for a quick interview which caught me by surprise, hopefully it was newsworthy.  Many thanks to all the businesses who donated  and to the supporters who came and hung out with us!  It was a good week financially and now we look forward to the next event when we get to get all crazy again!